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Política de privacidad

Effective date: abril 1, 2024
Last modified date: abril 1, 2024


This Privacy Policy (“Policy”), or set of rules, is designed to help you understand how we respect, collect, use, and protect your information when you use our services at (the “Site“), a website operated by Telelatina LTD (the “Company,” “us,” “our,” and “we“).

By using our Site, you agree to our Policy and Terms of Use that allow us to collect, store, and use your personal information as described in the Policy. If you don’t agree or feel uncomfortable with any part of the Policy, we suggest you leave the Site.

What Type of Data We Collect

We gather two kinds of information: “Non-Personal Information” and “Personal Information.” The first data category consists of information that does not reveal your identity, such as anonymous usage statistics, general demographic details, referrals, exit pages, links, and the number of clicks.

On the other hand, “Personal Information” refers to data used to identify or contact you, such as your first and last name, physical address, phone number, email address, and any other non-public information linked to or associated with any preceding data.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

Our Site has a strict policy of not collecting Personal Information from individuals under 18. We are aware of the digital age of consent, which is 13 in the United States and 16 in the EU, and we do not knowingly obtain any Personal Information from children under that age.

If you are under 18 (or the applicable digital age of consent), please refrain from submitting any Personal Information through our Site. We urge parents to monitor their children’s online activities and prevent them from sharing Personal Information on our Site.

If you believe a child has shared Personal Information with us, please get in touch with us, and we will promptly delete that information from our databases.

How we collect, use, and share your
Personal Information

Information You Provide to Us

When you interact with our Site, fill out a form (contact, survey, newsletter, etc), or contact us (phone, email, including by social media), we may collect Personal Information from you, such as:

  • First name and Last name
  • Email and Mailing address
  • Phone and Cell phone number
  • City, State, and ZIP/Postal code
  • Username and Password
  • Profile picture
  • Date of Birth, Gender, Language, and Marital Status
  • Company Name
  • Company Email, Phone number, and Fax number
  • Company Mailing Address, City, State, and ZIP/Postal code
  • Number of Employees
  • Contents of the email or message
  • Data communicated while using the service

Non-Personal Information

When you navigate through our Site, we may gather Non-Personal Information from you, such as:

  • IP address
  • Account Login Logs
  • Browser information and history
  • Custom events, Clicks, Keypress events, Motion sensor events, Mouse movements, Scroll position, and Scroll-to-page interactions
  • Geography/region, Time zone, Country, City, Metro Area, Latitude (of the city), and Longitude (of the city)
  • Language
  • Number of Visits, Page events, Page views, Session duration, Session statistics
  • Device information, Device logs, and Diagnostic events
  • Google Advertising Unique device identifiers (Google Advertiser ID or IDFA, for example)
  • Universally unique identifier (UUID)

Payment Processor

When you sign up for our services on our Site, our Payment Processor will ask you for some information to complete the payment, such as:

  • First and Last name
  • Credit card details
  • Email and Mailing address
  • Phone and Cell phone number
  • Billing Address, City, State, ZIP/Postal Code
  • Shipping Address, City, State, ZIP/Postal Code
  • Direct deposit bank information
  • IP address and Browser information
  • Order ID, Purchase history, and Subscriptions
  • Session duration

Data Privacy and Communication Practices

We are dedicated to maintaining Data confidentiality if you provide us with your email address. Our subscription lists are not sold, rented, or leased to third parties. Except as allowed in this Policy, we will not reveal your email address to third parties.

If you contact us by email, we will collect your name and email address. This information is necessary for us to respond to your message and maintain effective communication with you.

When you participate in our surveys, we may ask you for more information you willingly provide.

When you write on social media sites where we have a page or presence, what you say might be shared on our Site for others to see. So, remember that what you write might not be private.

We follow the CAN-SPAM Act rules for sending emails. If you receive promotional emails from us and don’t want to continue receiving them, click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom. That way, you won’t get any more newsletters or promotional emails from us.

Use of Your Personal Information

When you share your Personal Information with us, we will use it to respond to your requests, improve our Service, understand your needs and preferences, and provide a more personalized experience.

We may also use your information for the following:

  • create and protect your account
  • recognize you as a user
  • manage our services better
  • provide you with the services you have asked for
  • improve your experience with our Service
  • send you an email to make sure you own the email address you provided when you signed up
  • send you messages about security or maintenance
  • reply to your work inquiries or other requests
  • send you newsletters, surveys, and other advertisements related to our Services

If you sign up for free resources, attend free training programs, register for a webinar, sign up for a live event/seminar, or purchase products from us. We will only send you our free email newsletter if you permit us to do so.

You can easily “unsubscribe” by clicking on the link at the bottom of every email. If you ever have trouble unsubscribing, you can email us to request to unsubscribe from future emails.

Use of Non-Personal Information

We collect Non-Personal Information unrelated to any particular person to help us enhance the Service and offer a better user experience such as:

  • analyze data to improve our marketing
  • provide custom, personalized content and information
  • provide and monitor the effectiveness of our Site
  • monitor site metrics such as the total number of visitors, traffic, and demographic patterns
  • diagnose or fix technology problems
    combine this information to track trends and analyze Site usage

This Policy does not restrict how we use or share Non-Personal Information with our partners, advertisers, and other third parties as we see fit.

Our information practices may change at any time in the future. In that case, we will update the Policy on the Site so that you can opt out of any new information practices. We recommend that you occasionally check the Site if you are worried about how your information is used.

Analytics collected directly

We use an internal analytics system that does not involve third parties. It examines the records it keeps of visitors to help us understand how many people visit our Site and which pages they look at. Personal Data processed: Trackers, Country, Operating Systems, Usage Data

Location-Based Data

Our Site uses location-based information to help you find other users near you who can offer or need the services you want. If you don’t allow us to access your location, some or all of the features on our Site may not work correctly.

Disclosure of Your Personal Information

We take your privacy very seriously and never sell, rent, lease, or transfer any Personal Information to third-party entities with anyone unless we have to. However, there are some situations where we might need to share your information with third-party service providers to provide you with the best possible Service.

These providers can help us with quality testing, marketing, data analysis, account creation, and technical support. We may share your Personal Information with others if we believe it is necessary to:

  • Investigate any legal issues
  • Comply with the law or respond to legal requests
  • Protect our rights or the rights of our users
  • Investigate and prevent violations of the law, our Policy, or Terms of Use


Sometimes, we share customer feedback on our Site, which may include personal details. Before we share any of this information, we always ask for your permission.

Your Rights Regarding the Use of Your Data

You have the right to prevent us from contacting you for marketing purposes. When we send you a message to promote something, you can stop getting those messages by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom.

You can also inform us in your Account settings (if applicable) that you don’t want to receive any more messages from us. Please remember that even if you tell us you don’t wish to send promotional messages, we may need to send you important emails about your account, like updates to our Policy.

Security of Your Personal Information

We take the protection of your Personal Information very seriously. This includes using encryption techniques to secure data transmission, regularly updating our security protocols, and restricting access to authorized personnel only.

Still, we cannot guarantee that it won’t be accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed. We try our best to protect your Personal Information, but risks remain. By using our Service, you agree to these risks.

Information we receive from and
share with third parties

Cookie Policy

This Site uses trackers. To learn more, you can check out our cookie policy.

Links to Third Party Websites

We may provide links to other websites or apps as part of our Service. However, we are not responsible for how they use your information or what they show on their website. This Policy only applies to the information we collect from you on our Site.

If you use a different website that we link to, their privacy policy applies instead. We suggest you read their privacy policy before using the other website.

Information we may receive from and share with third parties

To improve our Service, we might collect information from you using cookies. This can include the website you came from, the type of browser or device you’re using, the time and date you accessed our Service, identify your preferences, and learn more about how people use our Site.

We may use third-party services such as Google Analytics, Google Adsense, and Microsoft Clarity to understand how you use our Site. These services may also use cookies to collect information like the pages you visit, the date and time of your visit, your IP address, and which website referred you to our Site.

We may use certain technologies like social media pixels. These pixels allow social media platforms to keep track of visitors who visit external websites and display customized ads while browsing that social media platform. We will only use these pixels following the policies of the relevant social media platforms.

You may see some ads or content we did not create provided by third-party companies like advertisers, content providers, and app providers. These companies may also use cookies, beacons, or other technologies to track online activities.

They can collect information about you and your browsing behavior and use it to show you ads or content that may interest you. We don’t control how these third-party companies use your information, so you should contact them directly if you have any questions about their ads or content.

How Long We Retain Your Data

We ensure that we only keep your data for a short time. The duration we retain your data depends on our legal obligations, such as tax recording purposes, our existing contracts with you, and the presence of your consent or our legitimate interests as a business.

Privacy Rights

Your California Privacy Rights

This section is for Californians and concerns the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018. The law requires us to tell you what personal information we collect, why, where we get it from, and who we might share it with when you use our Site or Services.

  • We may collect information about you, such as your name, address, email, phone number, and device identification numbers.
  • We also collect information about your gender, products or services you have purchased or considered and your browsing history.
  • If you call us, we may record your voice and collect information about your job or profession.
  • For a detailed list of collected Personal Information data, refer to the section “Information You Provide to Us” at the beginning of this Policy.

We do not typically gather data related to education or biometric information, geolocation details, or assumptions about your inclinations, traits, conduct, and attitudes. The CCPA defines “business purpose” as utilizing personal information for the company’s operational or other communicated objectives.

Personal information may only be used if reasonably necessary and proportionate to achieve the operational objective for which it was obtained or for another operational objective corresponding to the setting in which it was received.

California consumers may use the Digital Advertising Alliance’s tool to request opting out of the sale of personal information by some or all of the participating companies in that framework under the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”). The tool can be accessed here:

US State Privacy Rights

Certain states in the US, such as California, Colorado, Connecticut, Virginia, and Utah, may provide additional rights to their residents regarding their Personal Information. However, these rights may still have some exceptions.

For example, we may not be able to reveal specific pieces of Personal Information if doing so would pose a significant, explainable, and unreasonable threat to the security of Personal Information, your account with us, or our network systems. Your rights may encompass:

  • You are protected from discrimination. If you choose to exercise any of the rights mentioned in this section, your rights will not be infringed upon. We will not discriminate against you if you decide to know, delete, or opt out of sales.
  • You have the right to know – you can request a written list of the types of personal information, such as name, address, or email address, that a business has given to third parties for direct marketing during the previous calendar year.
  • You can also request the names and addresses of those third parties. Additionally, you have the right to request: (i) what categories of personal information we have collected about you, (ii) where we got the personal information from, (iii) why we collected the personal information, (iv) with whom we have shared the personal information, and (v) what specific personal information we have about you.
  • You also have the right to request a copy of the personal information we collected about you 12 months before your request.
  • You have the right to delete – you can request that we delete any personal information we have collected from you or maintain about you, although some exceptions may apply.
  • For a detailed list of collected Personal Information data, refer to the section “Information You Provide to Us” at the beginning of this Policy.

If you wish to exercise your right to know or delete your Personal Information, please get in touch with us through the “Contact Us” section provided below. To verify your identity, we may ask you to confirm the Personal Information we already have on file.

Suppose we cannot verify your identity using our information on file. In that case, we may require additional information from you. This information will only be used to verify your identity and for security and fraud prevention.

In certain situations, as our Policy states, we may share your Personal Information with specific third parties for marketing or other purposes. Suppose such sharing is considered a “sale” under the CCPA. In that case, you can opt out of such sharing as a California resident.

If you would like us to stop sharing your Personal Information in this manner, please get in touch with us using the “Contact Us” section below. Certain Site functions may not be available if you opt out, as they require sharing personal information.

Visitors’ GDPR Rights

Please note that our Site and servers will process and store your Personal Information in the United States. Additionally, the third-party service providers we use on this Site are in the United States. We take all necessary measures to protect your data under applicable laws.

Still, please be aware that laws governing data protection in the United States may differ from those in your own country. By using our Site and providing your Personal Information, you consent to transferring and processing your data in the United States and any other country where we or our service providers operate.

As a visitor from the European Union, you have the right to certain information and entitlements under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These entitlements consist of the following:

  • You ask us to delete your information.
  • We have decided to stop using our current data providers.
  • The value of keeping your information is not worth the cost.
  • You have the right to access the data that we keep and to change or delete it.
  • You can also ask us to limit the use of your data or transfer it to another organization.
  • If you permit us to use your personal information, you can change your mind anytime.
  • If you have any concerns, you can talk to the people in charge of privacy in your country.
  • We will not require you to consent to any unnecessary processing as a condition of entering into a contract with us.
  • For a detailed list of collected Personal Information data, refer to the section “Information You Provide to Us” at the beginning of this Policy.

Do Not Track

This Site does not currently support “Do Not Track” requests. Please refer to the privacy policies of any third-party services to determine whether they honor “Do Not Track” requests.

Changes to This Policy

We retain the authority to modify this Policy and our Terms of Use at any time. In the event of significant changes to our Policy, we may notify you by sending a notification to the primary email address you provided or by displaying a conspicuous notice on our Site.

Such significant changes will become effective 30 days after such notification. Non-material modifications or clarifications will take effect immediately. You should check our Site and this Policy page periodically for any updates.

Contact Information

Si necesita más aclaraciones sobre nuestra Política o cómo operamos en el Sitio, no dude en contactarnos en: